Are you a performer, leader, creative talent or public speaker who really loves what you do, but you’re starting to feel tired and burnt out, unable to recover like you used to from injury and exhaustion?

Those chronic injuries and exhaustion could be a goldmine of information if you just had the right support and feedback. They could be an opportunity for change. I help people like you sustain vibrant, creative, challenging careers despite injuries, limitations, and burnout through my work as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. Stop pushing through the pain and learn to open up new vistas of creativity, health, joy, and depth in your life.

Pain, injury, anxiety and stress are often thought of as problems to be gotten rid of or ignored, but in my experience they won’t go away until we listen and respond to them.

But how?

I teach movement and breathing coordination using the Alexander Technique. I use the accepting and sensitive Alexander Technique touch to give reliable, clear, kinesthetic feedback so you feel supported and can risk letting go of excess tension. I meet you where you are, with acceptance and curiosity. I help you improve your posture, movement, and breathing, by showing you how to move well all day long. I show you how to move by moving that way myself throughout the course of your lesson. I am a movement educator, but not a medical practitioner, doctor, or therapist. You can learn from me one-on-one, or in group workshops.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are 50 minutes long. We work with basic movements such as flexion, extension, turning, sitting, standing, and walking. We examine the relationship between your body’s design and it’s functioning. We may also work on a traditional bodywork table, reorganizing the basic movements of head, torso, and limbs so they harmonize. We then proceed to link up this new way of moving with activities that may have caused you stress or pain in the past. I also teach the Dart Procedures, a form of developmental movement that is dynamic, enlivening, and easy to use as a springboard for building mobility and strength.

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