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Water, Gravity, and Flow

I often joke with my students that my favorite part of the day for using the Alexander Technique is making my tea in the morning, because all of my habits appear while making and eating breakfast. If I take the time, it can be an awesome warm up for inhibiting unwanted habit patterns! It’s so corny and the tea part makes it seem British, and therefore somehow more Alexandrian. Geekfest!

So this morning, as happens EVERY MORNING, I noticed that there was still a little bit of water in the bottom of my teapot left over from rinsing it out yesterday. This happens every day, yet it still perplexes me. I then take the lid off, and vigorously shake the water out of the teapot. But it finally occurred to me this morning that shaking the teapot doesn’t really work, cause that’s what I do when I clean it out, and the water is still in there! So instead, I tried just looking inside, making sure that the water was pooled in the area where it is released out the spout, and waited for gravity to do the work for me.

Which it did! Try it and you will be amazed. No gripping and shaking necessary.

So I googled the art of making tea and found these amazing videos of tea makers frothing up their tea and milk using gravity….SO COOL! NO MACHINES INVOLVED!


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