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There are business coaches, creativity coaches, voice coaches, speech coaches, …….if a person has trouble speaking clearly, they go to a speech specialist. If they are blocked in their creativity, they go to a creativity coach.  You get the idea. But what about folks who want to move gracefully, but feel or have been told they look clumsy?

A few years ago, a friend of mine who is involved in the production of Broadway shows at a very high level mentioned to me that a certain famous actor in a certain broadway show was sticking out from all the others because he did not have much “training” as an actor. I said, how can you tell? She said, well, he moves….blocky and stiff, clumsy. His movement looks different from everyone else. He just doesn’t have the “flexibility”. And I said, well, why doesn’t the show hire an Alexander Teacher to coach him with his movement? And of course, you know what she said: “what’s the Alexander Technique?” And I said, it’s basically a way of returning a person to naturally coordinated and easy movement. A Movement Coach. She said, I’ve never heard of a movement coach before! So – no bite. Because there is no such thing.

And it killed me. Because I know that ease of movement is a choice we can learn to make, whereas flexibility is just about genetics – something you can’t change. This actor had untapped potential that has nothing to do with flexibility, he just didn’t know it.

So I decided to change my “title”! I am a coach who can help you access coordinated, graceful movement relatively quickly, without you having to study a particular movement form (which can take years) or change your genetic makeup. Help me make “Movement Coach” a household word!

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