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I just got back from the annual national conference of teachers of the Alexander Technique hosted by The American Society for the Alexander Technique. I led two workshops sharing my new practices of mapping the integrated self from the central nervous system. We worked our way through all the cranial nerves and all the cervical nerves, mapping each “sense” and each dermatome (area of skin innervated by a particular nerve), tying the whole experience together by acknowledging the importance of orienting and organizing our movement in a headward direction.

To share experimental material with colleagues of such high caliber and collegiality is a real gift. I know the feedback I got will make the material even clearer and better. The spirit of openness, exchange, and desire to learn is why I love my Alexander colleagues so much! It’s the same, no matter wether they have just started their Alexander journey, or are 20 years or more senior than me as teachers.

Thank you AmSAT!

Here are some pictures which I think beautifully illustrate the emergence of headward direction from our contact with the floor:





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