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For me, cultivating a state of wonder and pleasure in my body is not a luxury. It carries me through difficulty, stress, and challenge. I had no idea that it was possible to feel so open and free from pain, that my body could work so easily, until I had the actual kinesthetic experience of the Alexander Technique during a movement class when I was in my early 20s.

It was the easiest, most effortless movement I had ever experienced in my life! Though I started studying dance as a nine year old free spirit, after 10 years of professional training I was a spirit in knots. This movement class got me curious about the Alexander work, and well…it got me curious about myself. What had I been doing to cause myself pain all those years? Was it really possible to feel that good all the time? This question became central to my life, and I lived it for many years before finally training to teach the Alexander Technique. It was hard work! I never would have had the motivation necessary if someone hadn’t first shown me it was possible to feel that good.

I’m writing about it today in response to a conversation I had recently with Dr. Sezelle Gereau Haddon, an ENT specialist who helped me heal from acid reflux without toxic drugs. I highly recommend her. Sezelle calls me “an ideal patient” because I seem able to do what some of her patients cannot: make necessary changes in my behavior. To get rid of acid reflux, you have to change how and when you eat, how you sleep, and how you deal with stress. That kind of change is super challenging for people to carry out against the habits of a lifetime.

A necessary and difficult part of changing any habit is being able to see and feel what your habits are really doing to you before you can make different choices. The payoff, however, is the wonder of having new, pleasurable experiences! Fear is often used as an incentive for change, and that may have its place, but I prefer this state of wonder.

The “Alexandrian” experience of ease was the number one incentive I needed to start my way on a healing path, and to slog it out through thick and thin. Healing is good work – but it takes a certain focus and effort.

Are you facing a struggle to change your behavior for the better?

– Letting go of self-limiting behaviors

– Facing fear of aging and physical limitation

– Letting go of chronic tension patterns in your posture

– Getting your mobility back after a health challenge

– Changing how you respond to stressful situations

The Alexander Technique just might be the support you need. To make a beginning, watch my video on using a light sense of touch to release your own jaw tension. Even better, register here for a TENSION FREE FOR FLOWERS SESSION! You bring me a flower, and I’ll spend 30 minutes with you and show you what this work can do. Yes, really.

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